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Hall of the Two Sisters

The Hall of the Two Sisters (Sala de Dos Hermanas) did not receive this name because of a legend or an event that took place in it, as many tend to believe.

The hall was so called because of two big twin marble flagstones that are part of the floor. This hall was in the centre of a series of chambers where the sultana and her family lived. Boabdil's mother also lived there with her children, after being repudiated by Muley Hacén

The hall was built by order of Mohammed V. It is square, has bedchambers with interlacing ceilings connected with the Emperor's Chambers (Habitaciones de Carlos V) and, through a balcony, with the Gardens of the Partal (Jardines del Partal). Visitors may access the hall through a semicircular festooned arch, where the original wooden doors are still preserved. A passageway leads to the high chambers, with ceilings carved in the 16th century. Three little arches, with mocarabes on the lateral arches and arch scallops on the central arch, lead to the mirador's chamber. You can look at the Patio of the Lions (Patio de los Leones) from there. 

The hall's paving is made of marble and has a small fountain with a jet and a little channel that carries the water to the Patio of the Lions (Patio de los Leones). The most impressing element of the hall is the beautiful and perfect dome of mocarabes. Its lighting was carefully considered and it receives the light from lateral little windows. The dome is therefore a beautiful and exquisitely rich flower. Ibn Zamrak wrote a poem about this dome and some of its verses are reproduced on a tile skirting board that has metallic iridescence. The hall's walls are covered with extremely fine plasterwork on different themes, among which we count the classical Nasrid motto «Only God is Victor» and, for example, a pair of closed hands.

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