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Itineraries. Organization of the visit.

Remember that you should organize your visit based on the entrance time to the Nasrid Palaces indicated on your ticket, given that you will only be able to access this part of the monument at that time.

  • Visits have an average duration of 3 hours.
  • It is advisable to rest a few minutes at the end of the visit to the Nasrid Palaces and the Generalife Palace.
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable footwear. In the summertime it is important to protect yourself from the sun.

For a better organization of the visit we suggest the following tours:

  • Alcazaba-Palaces-Generalife.
  • Generalife-Alcazaba-Palaces.


From the Entrance Pavilion (Ticket Office) it takes:

  • 20 minutes to get to the Alcazaba.
  • 17 minutes to get to the Nasrid Palaces. On weekends and holidays there could be a line to enter this section of the Monument. Keep that in mind to arrive at the Palaces at the time indicated on your ticket.
  • 15 minutes to get to the Generalife.


Additionally you can also visit the museums of Fine Arts, Alhambra and the Presentation Hall (situated in the Palace of Carlos V) and any of the spaces open to the public which are closed regularly. Please, ask at the Entrance Pavilion for more information. 


Daytime Visit

General admission: Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces, Generalife, Mosque baths

  • Alcazaba, military zone of the enclosure, in which you can visit the terrace of the Torre del Cubo, the Adarve of the north wall, the Plaza de las Armas, with the Barrio Castrense, the terrace of the Puerta de las Armas, the Torre de la Vela and the garden of the Adarves.
  • Nasrid Palaces. In this area you will find:
    • Mexuar: Hall, Oratory, Gilded Room, Court of the Gilded Room.
    • Comares Palace: Court of the Myrtles, Hall of the Boat, Hall of the Ambassadors.
    • Palace of the Lions: Hall of the Mocárabes (Muqarnas), Court, Hall of the Abencerrajes, Hall of the Kings, Hall of the Two Sisters, The Emperor's Chambers, Court of the Wrought Iron Grille, Daraxa's Garden.
    • The Partal: Pórtico del Palacio, gardens and paths, Rauda, Palace of Yusuf III, the Promenade of the Towers.
    • The tour of the Nasrid Palaces can only take place during the time indicated on your ticket.
  • Generalife. Low Gardens and High Gardens, the Palace of the Generalife, Water Stairway.


Garden tickets

  • The ticket allows you to visit all areas of the Monumental Complex open to the public, except the Nasrid Palaces. .
  • Promenade of the Cypress Trees, Secano (Dryland) and Gardens of the Monastery of San Francisco.
  • Alcazaba: Jardín de los Adarves (Garden of the Defense Paths).
  • Rauda, Partal: gardens and paths, Palace of Yusuf III, Promenade of the Towers.
  • Generalife. Low Gardens and High Gardens, the Palace of the Generalife, Water Stairway.


Alhambra At Night

Visit to the Palaces

  • The itinerary of the evening visit starts at the Entrance Pavilion, continues parallel to the wall through the esplanade of the Charles V Palace and goes to the Nasrid Palaces. We will leave at Real Baja Street and the Rauda.
  • Mexuar, Court of the Myrtles and Court of the Lions
  • Nasrid Palaces
  • Access to the Nasrid Palace can only be done at the time indicated on the ticket. No flash is allowed during the nighttime visit.


Visit to the Gardens

  • Leaves from the Entrance Pavilion, continues through the New Gardens to the Court of the Main Canal.


Tour for people with disabilities

  • Adapted spaces in the Nasrid Palaces and Generalife.
  • Information in the Entrance Pavilion or directly from security personel of the Monument. 
  • Wheelchairs are provided for the tour. 
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