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Hall of the Kings

This place is called Hall of the Kings (Sala de los Reyes) because of a painting on the central dome, which will be later explained. It was also called Justice Hall (Sala de la Justicia) and Court (Tribunal) from the 18th century. 

You may enter this hall from the Patio of the Lions (Patio de los Leones) through three porticoes with triple arches of mocarabes, decorated with carved rhombuses and supported by fine columns. The hall is divided into seven parts: three square rooms, separated by two rectangular sections and two bedchambers at the end of them. In the square rooms there are domes of mocarabes, double arches lead to the rectangular sections. These sections and the bedchambers also have domes of mocarabes. This layout and this decoration bring out the light that enters the hall. The heavy arches of the hall contrast with the walls' delicate decoration, made up of inscriptions and a tile skirting board, which surrounded the hall and from which only two original fragments are left. 

The paintings are on three ellipse-shaped wooden domes and covered by leather. The middle painting represents the first ten kings of the Nasrid dynasty (except for the usurpers Ismail I and Mohammed VI, the Red one (el Bermejo)). The lateral vaults depict scenes of chivalry (especially hunting scenes) and romantic scenes, so they possibly tell legends or adventures of the Muslim kings. In spite of this, they are clearly Christian paintings, which is apparent because of the clumsier and less precise representations of Muslim scenes in comparison with the Spanish scenes. According to the clues from the painting about the kings, these paintings could correspond to the reigns of Mohammed VII (1395-1410) or Yusuf III (1410-1424).

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Ceiling - Hall of Kings

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