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Hall of the Mocarabes

The Hall of the Mocarabes (Sala de los Mocárabes) is the simplest hall of the Palace of the Lions (Palacio de los Leones). It is near the old entrance to the palace and it was so called because of the vault of mocarabes that covered it, but which was pulled down due to the explosion of a powder magazine in 1590. The hall was divided into two. The left part was covered with an elliptical vault and it was separated from the right part with a wrought iron grille in 1636. On its walls' plasterwork strip are the Nasrid coat of arms and motto. Since 1863 it is possible to see the remains of the original vault. To access this hall from the Patio of the Lions (Patio de los Leones) visitors will walk under three arches of mocarabes.

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