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Bienvenue! Dans cette section vous pouvez trouver une grande sélection de guides et livres sur L'Alhambra, Grenade et L'Andalousie avec des informations pratiques, des horaires, cartes, histoire et un monde de rève. Ne perdez pas cette occasion!

Tales of the Alhambra

Islamic rule, though fragmented, extended over the bulk of Iberia for centuries, even as Christian warlords, pushing south, chipped away at Muslim territory. The work of the Reconquista, as it is called, came to an end with the fall of Granada and the Alhambra Palace. Tales of the Alhambra is must-reading for the traveler in Spain and the best souvenir of your visit. Irving is best remembered in ...

Auteur: Washington Irving

Editeur: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


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The Alhambra (Wonders of the World)

Read the Bldg Blog interview with Mary Beard about the Wonders of the World series(Part I and Part II)The Alhambra has long been a byword for exotic and melancholy beauty. In his absorbing new book, Robert Irwin, Arabist and novelist, examines its history and allure.The Alhambra is the only Muslim palace to have survived since the Middle Ages. Built by a threatened dynasty of Muslim Spain, it was ...

Auteur: Robert Irwin

Editeur: Harvard University Press


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The Alhambra and Generalife in Focus

english language complete guide to the alhambra and generalife. 422 color photos, 80 new and original illustrations, 40 old engravings, 52 overall and detailed plans of the monument. information, opening times, and other practical advice.

Auteur: Aurelio Cld Acedo

Editeur: Edilux S. L.


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The Alhambra inspires and enchants like no other site. With its fascination history; its romantic locale overlooking Granada, against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains; its intricately decorated rooms; its numerous courtyards and fountains; the palace city of the Alhambra is endlessly alluring and has captivated the imagination of visitors since it was conceived in the thirteenth century...

Auteur: Michael Jacobs

Editeur: Rizzoli


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Published by Heritage Press, 1969, this Limited Edition hardcover has 304 pages The author, Washington Irving, traveled to Spain, and all of his fanciful stories, observations, ghost stories. etc. inside this book are said to be the source of much of the romanticism we in America have for Spain.

Auteur: Washington Irving

Editeur: The Heritage Press


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